Thomas Halaczinsky | About
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A picture is a random visual impression that in the process of resonating with a viewer turns into an image. The filmmaker, photographer and writer Thomas Halaczinsky taps into the visual memory of the spectator, evoking an emotional and intellectual realization.


As a documentarian Thomas recognizes pictures as moments captured in time  and preserved, but as a visual storyteller he is enticed by images – preconceived visual compositions that imply a continuous storyline by hinting at what happened either right before that moment  or anticipating its  future.


He is a filmmaker and photographer whose work focuses on the relationship between people and places. In documentary films like „Coney Island – A last Summer“ (commissioned by German/French broadcaster ARTE in 2008) or „Don’t call it Heimweh“ about the coming of age of 82 year old Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlander (2004) he explores the importance of place for the identity of the protagonists. (Opening film of the Jewish Film Festival in Berlin 2005).


„Sense of place“ is often also the theme of his photographic work. From 2011 until 2016 he explored the vast island world of New York by sailboat a journey he documented in the photographic and literary log book “Archipelago New York” published by Schiffer Books in 2018. The photo series of the same title was awarded an honorable mention at the 2016 Tokyo International Foto Award. He is currently working on a sequel of Archipelago New York.


Thomas is also a senior producer at CCM News in New York, a digital agency specialized in global broadcast PR and visual storytelling, working for top tear brands like Mercedes-Benz.


His work  has been exhibited in galleries on Long Island, in New York City and abroad. He is available for assignments and speaking engagements.