Thomas Halaczinsky | About
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Thomas Halaczinsky is a German/American documentary film director, writer and photographer who was born in Germany and has been residing in New York City since 1991.

His work often focuses on the relationship between places and people, observing the importance of places for his protagonist’s identity. Examples are the documentary “Der Höhenflieger” (The High Flyer) about a Germany con artists who on the day of his release from prison flew to New York to start a new life. (WDR 1996) another example is “Coney Island – A last summer” produced and directed for ZDF/ Arte in 2008.

For his work as an associate producer on the Emmy awarded film “Calling The Ghost” about rape as a war crime in the Bosnian War he received an ACE award in 1996.

For more than 20 years he documented how Margot Friedlander – who as a young Jewish woman survived Nazi Germany in hiding – at the age of 82 started to face her own story, beginning in a memoir writing class at the 92Y in New York. His film “Don’t call it Heimweh” (2004) was based on Margot’s writing and her first journey back to Berlin 57 years after she had left Germany. The film opened the Jewish Film Festival in Berlin 2005 and was instrumental for Margot’s story being published in Germany by the renowned publisher Rowohlt. After the publication of her book, Margot moved back to the city where she was born.

“Late Return” (2011) documents her return to Berlin at the age of 88 and the beginning of her work there to keep the memory of the holocaust alive.   The film was distributed by international broadcaster Deutsche Welle and translated from German into English, Spanish, Arabic airing worldwide.

“Arrived – Margot Friedländer, Berlin” (2021) not only celebrates the 100 birthday of the now honorary citizen of Berlin, but also her tireless work in schools, educational institutions, endless public events, broadcast appearances and political speeches to re-call the stories of the people who vanished in the Shoah. The film premiered on German TV in November 2021 and will also be airing worldwide in 2022

„Sense of place“ is often also the theme of his photographic work. From 2011 until 2016 he explored the vast island world of New York by sailboat a journey he documented in the photographic and literary log book “Archipelago New York” published by Schiffer Books in 2018. The photo series of the same title was awarded an honorable mention at the 2016 Tokyo International Foto Award. He is currently working on a sequel of Archipelago New York.

Thomas is also a senior producer at CCM News in New York, a digital agency specialized in global broadcast PR and visual storytelling, working for top tear brands like Mercedes-Benz.

His work  has been exhibited in galleries on Long Island, in New York City and abroad. He is available for assignments and speaking engagements.